2012 Walking Statistics

2012 walking statistics
2012 walking statistics

258 Activities for the calendar year, totaling 1491.5km Average per activity 5.8km, average per day 4.08km. Pretty much the same total result as 2011 but the monthly mix has changed. August was a bit of a wipeout with only 5 activities, time spent in the snow doesn’t count as walking. 🙂 January 2013 has been low on distance due to the extreme temperatures at the beginning of 2013 bringing the average distance per walk for this month to only 2.3km.

If the weather doesn’t settle down I will have to attack the rowing machine and the gym to maintain fitness for the TGO Challenge.

TGO Challenge 2013 Gear List is up.

Whilst working on my route, I have been fine-tuning my kitlist for the Challenge.

It’s almost complete, barring things I have forgotten. Weight looks to be around 6Kg plus camera, water and food. Last Challenge I was over 8Kg, so good to see I will have to carry less.

-> Still to add: Camera kit, Toilet Kit, Sundry toiletries, Maps, Drybags.
Have yet to decide regarding camera. Maps will be A4 photocopies, double sided on hi-rag paper.

-> Still to decide: Notch or Trailstar
I’m keen to use the Trailstar, but I don’t have the inner for it ordered yet. Sean from Oookworks has had some dramas and a move of location recently. Apparently, he has no internet connection which explains why I haven’t heard from him. Plenty of time to spare, but I don’t want to let this slip too far.

Edit: Heard from Sean. There will be no problem getting an Oooknest in time. Whew. Bivvy option deleted, I’ll leave the Notch option for now, but I think the Trailstar is the way to go.

Edit: Trailstar arrived today 14/1/2013

-> Still to decide: Sleeping Bag WM Ultralight or ZPacks.
I’ve basically decided to take both, but carry one of them. I will be meeting up with family every 3-4 days and will swap between them based on the temperatures encountered and the places I will be camped. The WM is probably overkill, and the ZPacks is marginal if the temperatures get cold. I do have plenty of warmwear though to bolster the bag in that case.

Interested to hear comments on the gear list. Moderation is on, but I will approve any comments related to the content (I get a truckload of spam here every day)


TGO Challenge again

In October, I made an entry for the 2013 TGO Challenge, and I am happy to report my application was successful.

So, it’s on again, and I am busy sorting my route planning. This time, things have been a lot quicker to get started – I already have the maps required, I have already been through the learning curve of route planning in the UK from a distant country. I’m using several very useful web resources, notably the excellent online track mapping site Grough Route and the also excellent side-by-side map and google satellite imagery site Where’s the Path

I expect to have my route sorted before Christmas.

I have started a TGO Challenge 2013 page to hold preparation details linked up in the header and will endeavour to update it as I go through the preparation process.