A rock and a sunset.



Busy first half of the week this week. Managed to get out for a 45 minute walk this afternoon. I’ve discovered that the Waterfall Gully valley is within walking distance of our home (solid walk, maybe 2-3 hours), so I’m investigating walking into the valley one day. The worst part is a 20 minute walk along the bitumen before getting off the road and into the bush.

Quick gully visit today


There was a break in the clouds so I jumped in the car to see what the waterflow was like, and to have a bit of a hike. It was worth the effort, but there were a lot of people with the same idea… 20 minutes walk from the second waterfall, I arrived at the junction for Cleland reserve / Mt Lofty and turned back.

Sunshine at Waterfall Gully?

There was a break in the weather about lunchtime, but there was work to do :(. Didn’t get out until later, about 3pm, and when I did, the sun started to break through the clouds…

IMG 0277

IMG 0288

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