Mt Osmond Reserve

I escaped the rat race at about 3:30PM and hiked up from Waterfall Gully to Eagle On the Hill, and then to the Mt Osmond Reserve along the Old Bullock Track. Didn’t even know there was a Mt Osmond Reserve.. In some unrelated news, Google Maps now has Australian Road names, it must have been switched on in the last day or so. Here’s a link to the area I’ve been hiking through if you are interested to see it: Google Map Link



Hike up to Eagle on the Hill

It’s been dry for a few days, and the second waterfall is dropping back to a single stream. Today, I hiked up the Eagle On the Hill trail from Waterfall Gully up to the top of the old Bullock Trail which runs alongside the freeway and then behind the Mt Osmond Golf Club. Planning to walk all the way between the Gully and the top of Hayward drive soon, should be about an hour’s hike.
Photo’s from today. First, the view of Waterfall Gully from just below the old Bullock track junction, and then the depleting second waterfall:



Gully to Mt Lofty

Been getting curious about what is past the highest point attained so far, so today my hike took in Cleland and Mt Lofty Summit. The upper sections are a solid hike, but I made it back alive. The weather was fine and mild. I saw a small critter up near Mt Lofty on the way back down, but couldn’t get a photo of it.