This is Michael’s blog. I’ve been looking at ways of sharing photos with family and friends in some sort of non-boring way that might also help them see what we’ve been up to. This is the newest iteration of that quest.

I’m into a bunch of interests apart from the usual work and family, so you’ll see a bit of them here. Photography would be the longest running one, but Bushwalking, Woodwork and Electronics are some of my main interests. We live in Adelaide, South Australia.

Feel free to comment on any entries. I have comment moderation turned on to avoid spam, so it won’t show up immediately, but I welcome your comments.

Michael, April 2006

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  1. Hello Michael,

    Via Jillij I came to your blog. I really like the music that starts playing and I would like to know who and which title it is.
    Thanks a lot.
    Robert Kroone, The Netherlands

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