Challenge Training

Apart from sorting gear and dealing with other normal life stuff, I have been increasing my walk frequency and distances as well as backpack loads. Most days are a minimum of 5km these days with an occasional longer walk thrown in. Yesterday’s walk rated at 21.1km with 955m ascent on RunKeeper via the iPhone, but after exporting as GPX and importing that file into my efforts were somehow trimmed to a measly 16.9km and 698m ascent 🙁

Never mind, it was a solid walk with 6kg carried and lots of variable terrain, pretty close to an average challenge day in terms of distance and elevation gain. Time taken was about 5 hours including breaks for an average over all pace of a little over 4kph. Weather conditions were pretty much ideal although it started getting warmer after midday.

There is a good current 2017 review of apps like Runkeeper here:

I’ve been using Runkeeper for a long time now, 8000km rolled over this week November 2017!

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