TGO Challenge 2013 Gear List is up.

Whilst working on my route, I have been fine-tuning my kitlist for the Challenge.

It’s almost complete, barring things I have forgotten. Weight looks to be around 6Kg plus camera, water and food. Last Challenge I was over 8Kg, so good to see I will have to carry less.

-> Still to add: Camera kit, Toilet Kit, Sundry toiletries, Maps, Drybags.
Have yet to decide regarding camera. Maps will be A4 photocopies, double sided on hi-rag paper.

-> Still to decide: Notch or Trailstar
I’m keen to use the Trailstar, but I don’t have the inner for it ordered yet. Sean from Oookworks has had some dramas and a move of location recently. Apparently, he has no internet connection which explains why I haven’t heard from him. Plenty of time to spare, but I don’t want to let this slip too far.

Edit: Heard from Sean. There will be no problem getting an Oooknest in time. Whew. Bivvy option deleted, I’ll leave the Notch option for now, but I think the Trailstar is the way to go.

Edit: Trailstar arrived today 14/1/2013

-> Still to decide: Sleeping Bag WM Ultralight or ZPacks.
I’ve basically decided to take both, but carry one of them. I will be meeting up with family every 3-4 days and will swap between them based on the temperatures encountered and the places I will be camped. The WM is probably overkill, and the ZPacks is marginal if the temperatures get cold. I do have plenty of warmwear though to bolster the bag in that case.

Interested to hear comments on the gear list. Moderation is on, but I will approve any comments related to the content (I get a truckload of spam here every day)


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