Catch up post

It’s been a while, and I haven’t been just sitting around doing nothing…

July, we went to the snow:

Early Morning at Falls

Sunrise at Falls

August, I completed my mapping of the Cleland area on

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And the last week or two, I’ve managed to do a bit of walking around the local area:

Mt Lofty after the fire


More local trips happening in the next few weeks…

ETSA Spur track down to the creek

We’ve had a lot of rain (for Adelaide) the last week, and First Creek is running fast for the first time this year. As you walk up the track to Mt Lofty, you can hear the water running over third falls, which are just before the Chinamans Hut ruin, but it’s off the track and a fair distance below. I investigated the end of the ETSA Spur track on the way back, and found an unmarked track that leads down to the creek.







Mt Lofty, Cleland, Castle Rock

I haven’t tinkered with the GPS for a while, so I decided to vary my Mt Lofty walk by plotting a course in Ozi Explorer and downloading it to the GPS – Waterfall Gully, Mt Lofty, Cleland, Castle Rock (Via the ETSA Spur track), and back down to Waterfall Gully. Apart from me not following the GPS route from Mt Lofty to Cleland, it all worked out ok. I hadn’t walked down to Castle Rock from the ETSA track before, but the GPS took me straight to the track junction. There is a sign saying that the track is closed until it can be repaired and the track is a bit eroded in parts but not horribly difficult. Also met a Dingo through the fence on the Cleland perimeter track.


They’ve been fixing up the Second Falls area, removing the stand of wild Bamboo and the various trunks and branches littering the place, it’s all a bit muddy down there at the moment, but still accessible.


A bit clearer than the last few visits, but there is a squall over Adelaide coming this way. (Yes, I got a little damp) 🙂


There are about 6 or so Dingos in the enclosure, they came padding up to the fence as I approached.


Every time I’ve been to Castle Rock, one of my photos has some junk in it. This time, before I left I found a plastic shopping bag, so I gathered up all the rubbish, including the plastic cup from under the edge of the rock in one of my previous photos, and took it all down to the waste bin at the kiosk.